Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist


1 Jun 2024 - 31 Jul 2024 Honorable Mention Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: 150 King Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada Reception: 6 Jun 2024
My little sculpture, Silenced, received Honorary mention on 150th Open Juried Exhibition organized by Ontario Society of Artists.

Creating this little sculpture, I had in mind the suppression of women in general, but specifically during all recent changes in Afghanistan. To me, it is very difficult to imagen life with all the restrictions women face there in daily life. The hand over the mouth is firmly attached by very strong, difficult-to-remove, rusted nails. It indicates the old, powerful force not allowing for any liberty, rights and freedom. Antique pearls shows that suppression is reaching poverty or wealth.

Past Events

20 May 2024 - 8 Jun 2024 FACING IT Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: Venue: 951 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Steve Rose, is a distinguished graduate of OCAD U, with a major in drawing and painting, and holds an MFA from the University of Windsor. He boasts a rich tapestry of experiences as an artist and educator. With an extensive exhibition history, his artistic journey has taken him far and wide, showcasing his talent to audiences around the globe.

For those seeking to connect directly, his email,, Instagram

29 Apr 2024 - 18 May 2024 Looking Back Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: http://StudioMGallery Venue: 951 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON, Canada
The Etobicoke Art Group in partnership with Studio M Galery, are pleased to present a retrospective exhibition of the work of celebrated artist, beloved educator and mentor, John Leonard (RCA). For more than 50 years he has shared his knowledge with countless artists, offering deeper insight into drawing and painting techniques.
Students, colleagues, and friends from far and wide, are delighted to celebrate a retrospective of the sensational John Leonard on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

6 Dec 2023 - 14 Jan 2024 Art gallery of Misssauga Exhibit Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 990.00 Venue: 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON L5B 1M7, Canada
Ceramic (Black clay), silk, silver, wood and found objects.
Creating this sculpture I had in mind people suppression, suffering and longing for better life. Myself, I immigrated to Canada and experience difficulties of a person finding itself in completely new surroundings. But I had a help of Canadian government. So many nations around the world experience suffering, and this little sculpture is about them.
View full sculpture, clic
3 Nov 2023 - 18 Nov 2023 Colours and Form Society Open Juried Exhibition 2023 Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: Studio M and Gallery, 951 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON, Canada Reception: 4 Nov 2023
This exhibition represents the artwork of carefully selected 70 artist's from across Ontario.
1 Nov 2023 - 31 Dec 2023 Landscapes Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website:
28 Sep 2023 - 14 Oct 2023 OSA mewmebrs of selected work Exhibition Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 3,600.00 Event Website: Venue: Neilson Park Creative Centre, Neilson Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada
My painitng "Standing By" was acepted. into the show. It is 48" x 48" oil paiting on gallery wrapped canvas.
22 Sep 2023 - 24 Sep 2023 ArtWalk in the Square Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: Venue: 1090 Don Mills Rd., Toronto, North York, Toronto, Ontario M3C 3R6, Canada
Outdoor Art Show with many artists presenting their best work.
My painting," In the distance", was sold during the exhibit. I still miss it.
Open: Friday, Sept. 22, 3 -8 pm
Saturday, Sept. 23, 10 - 7 pm
Sunday, Sept. 24, 11 - 5 pm
24 Jul 2023 - 6 Aug 2023 LOOKING UP / LOOKING DOWN Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: Studio M and Gallery, Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON, Canada Reception: 25 Jul 2023
In “Looking Up”, viewers are invited to gaze skyward, discovering captivating angles, patterns, and hues that often go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of daily life. In contrast, “Looking Down” reveals another appreciation for the often-overlooked elements at our feet, turning the lens downward, capturing unexpected geometries found in the urban landscape.
18 Dec 2022 - 21 Dec 2022 Exhibit of Watercolour paintings Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: 951 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON, Canada Reception: 17 Dec 2022
Selection of watercolour paintings by Ewa Szozda, Toronto based artist.
24 Nov 2022 - 15 Dec 2022 3 Artists, Three Views Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: Venue: 951 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON, Canada Reception: 10 Dec 2022
Three female, contemporary artists; three different approaches, three different mediums,
and three different creative minds.

Sue Archibald, Margaret Stawicki and Rosemary VanderBreggen get together to present
their works at this inaugural Show of Studio M Gallery.
21 Oct 2022 - 20 Apr 2023 Breath. Heart. Spirit. Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 450.00 Venue: The Lieutenant Governor’s Suite at Queens Park, Toronto Reception: 21 Oct 2022
Breath. Heart. Spirit., exhibition at The Lieutenant Governor’s Suite at Queens Park, Toronto, celebrating 150 Anniversary of Ontario Society of Artists.

My little painting "After a Long Day" is exhibited at the Lieutenant Governor's Suite at Queen Park, Toronto. The exhibit celebrates 150 anniversary of Ontario Society of Artists. I feel very fortunate, because only 30 paintings were chosen to be hang, with the reminders shown on the screen.
16 Sep 2022 - 18 Sep 2022 Art Walk at Square Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: Venue: CF Shops at Don Mills, Don Mills Road, Toronto, ON, Canada
This is exciting, because I am exihibiint for the FIRSTtime at the Outdoor Art Show. Hope will meet my expectations, and I will have a chance to talk and discuss my art with many people.
18 Jul 2022 - 8 Aug 2022 Impact 2022 Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 400.00 without the stand Event Website: Venue: Neilson Park Creative Centre, Neilson Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada Reception: 21 Jul 2022
Sculpture, ceramic, found objects, wood, and antique pearls on the annual juried exhibition of Fine Arts Impact 2022.
9 May 2022 - 28 May 2022 Perception Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 6,000.00 for diptych Event Website: Venue: Art Spacce Gallery, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Neilson Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada Reception: 14 May 2022
My diptych, "Journey" received 1st place award in painting category at Overzealous Fine Art Exhibition, "Perception",
Exibit runs from May 9 till 29th at, Art Spacce Gallery, NPCC, Toronto.
6 Nov 2021 - 26 Nov 2021 ArtWorks Oakville Juried Exhibition Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 3.00 Event Website: Venue: Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Bridge Road, Oakville, ON, Canada Reception: 6 Nov 2021
Standing By, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 48" x48". Ready to hang, not framed.
This exhibition is very strong with very talented artists.
My painting received Honourable mention. I am flattered that it was chosen from among so many great images.
24 Oct 2021 - 7 Nov 2021 City of Art III Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 850.00 Event Website: Venue: 1313 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L8, Canada Reception: 26 Oct 2021
City of Art III is a curated exhibition of artists who explore the issues of development and city planning as seen through their art works. This exhibition follows two successful exhibitions of a similar theme though this one is somewhat transitive as we all learn to cope during a pandemic. Covid has helped us navigate our urban environment differently though we are no less passionate about the urban centre that surrounds us, Artists see their world in different ways and this leads to conversation and perhaps exploring new ways to look at our urban environment. This year’s exhibit includes film, photography, painting, mixed media, drawing and sculpture.

Curated by Gallery 1313 director, Phil Anderson; the exhibition reads like a collection of short stories each with an individual vision or tale to tell.
2 Oct 2021 - 28 Nov 2021 Breath. Heart. Spirit Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 1,200.00 Event Website: Venue: Reception: 22 Oct 2021
The title “Breath. Heart. Spirit.” was chosen as the overarching theme for the OSA 2022 celebration of the 150 years of our history. These three aspects of the creative practice inform the history of the OSA and the art practice of current members.
Nature as Breath.
Courage to create from the Heart.
A Spirit of innovation in contemporary artwork.
These elements honour our past and inspire our future.
14 May 2021 - 5 Jun 2021 At The Distance Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: Venue: Online, Etobicoke Art soup Reception: 15 May 2021
A Way Off
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 30" x 30". Ready to hang, not framed.

"Away, Apart, Afar — they are all similar moments of being we want to be in, when need to relax, meditate, reconsider or question ourselves. During our journey through life, we are always in the liminal stage, behind, is out past, in front of us is our future when new becomes by fading the old.."
28 Apr 2021 - 30 May 2021 The Picture – Portraits of These Times – 2021 Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: Venue: Gallery 1313, Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
‘I am’
oil and mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas, 30” x 30”
How often we feel sorry for ourselves when going through tough times, or blaming ourselves for mistakes me done or encountered during the journey through life?
It’s doesn’t matter, living troubled times behind make us stronger, with better sense of self and better appreciation for life.
In my portraits I wanted to show beauty of “today” with scars of “yesterday.”
4 Mar 2021 - 27 Mar 2021 Women in Art Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 950.00 Ready to hang, not framed. Shipment varied on location. Event Website: Venue: Las Laguna Gallery, South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA, USA
"In the picture"
Mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas, 36" x 36"
16 Nov 2020 - 6 Jan 2021 N3XT Canada National Art Competition Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 1,000.00 each Event Website: Venue: Arts & Letters Club of Toronto, 14 Elm Street, Toronto, ON, Canada Reception: 2 Jan 2021
Canadian Unity
My family is the perfect example of what it means to be Canadian — with one son-in-law Vietnamese/Chinese, the other Guyanese and a Polish
By 2031, one in three Canadians will belong to a visible minority. One in four will be foreign-born, the highest proportion since the end of the last wave of mass immigration that began around 1910. -Statscan, 2015
25 years ago cities like Toronto were no longer majority British, giving the way to the dominant population of the Italians and the Pole (part of the non-visible minority European-origin population.)
Now, we're moving away from a population dominated by people of a European background. Over the next two decades South Asians, those with origins in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, will make up the largest visible minority group at about 28 per cent of the whole population of Canada.
1 Oct 2020 - 30 Dec 2020 Art a La Carte - Celebrating Ontario Artists Juried Exhibition Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 1,000.00 Event Website: Venue: Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Wellesley Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
The Way 5, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 36" x 36"
This painting echoes my journey through life; emigration, making choices, choosing the road to follow and always leaving something behind.
1 Oct 2020 - 31 Oct 2020 2020 Members Exhibition Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 3,000.00 Event Website: Venue: Arts & Letters Club, Elm Street, Toronto, ON, Canada
The Passage 20.
Oil and mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas.
I choose this image for OSA Members exhibition because it has three subjects I often paint; the road, door and a chair. These symbolized objects convey a special meaning in my life.
13 Jul 2020 - 2 Aug 2020 Painting on the Edge Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 1,500.00 Event Website: Venue: Federation of Canadian Artists Online Exhibit,
This painting was accepted into International Juried Exhibition + Competition, "Painting on the Edge".(
It is an annual event organized by Federation of Canadian Artists, but because of the pandemic, COVID19, similar as many other shows, is presented Online. Please visit the exhibition at to view the the works.
5 Jul 2020 - 31 Jul 2020 5th Annual Cityscapes Art Exhibition, International Juried Show Category: Show/Exhibit Price: 650.00 Venue: Online, Fusion Art
Proud to be selected into Annual International Juried Exhibition "Cityscapes"