Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist

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Journey / Walking Away / Passage

Vast, open spaces.
Light starts to shine on the horizon.
Another calm day to come after.
Feeling of freedom is overwhelming
I leave my footprints along the way
Stepping anywhere I wish.
Quietness of landscape follows my steps
Surroundings are so surreal
I can hear thoughts of my unconscious mind.
Do I want to come back to reality?


The road is narrow, sometimes disappears.
I try to choose my way wisely,
Do not disturb the sorrow.


Which way too go?
Which way to choose?
I don’t want to follow the main road.
I don’t want to pass myself without wondering.
But does it really matter even if I will choose the untried road?
I am who I am
What I like – is me
What I choose – is me
What I do – is me.


Sorrow of rejection knocked on my doors.
I don’t want to let it in.
With the closed doors I look into the future.
Music fills my heart.


Walking into the unknown, emptiness of landscape brings calmness to my soul.
Clean, crisp air fills my lungs to their capacity, until there is no more room.
What do I leave behind?
The things I did are with me, in my memory
Do I search for the things I didn’t do.
Am I on the trip of a new understanding?


I see light on the horizon.
Questioning myself; is it exactly real?
If it is just a hole in the air
I would be disappointed.


Tiredness makes a nest on my shoulders
Through a little bite it sucks out all my energy.
Heavy feeling pushes me down.
Holding my head high,
I straighten my knees and shoulders.
I walk slowly, a harden shells falls off, and light enters my space.


Longing for calmness I walk away from the disturbances of a large city.
Slowly entering fields where radiation stops ringing in my ears,
Where horizon disappears,
Where soft, open spaces surround my being.
Wind takes my hand and leads me to the wavy road to dance to its soft music.


My shoulders are down, my head pushed forward.
I walk into nobody’s land.
The heavy load of life wears me down.
I can’t carry it anymore.
My steps are small.
With each one I slowly lose disappointments,
sad moments, regrets and sleepless nights.
I bury them deep into dark hole, they can’t affect anybody else.
Now I feel the lightness on my shoulders.
Stillness of surroundings quiets my mind.
It’s good to walk light again.



Under the clear, blue sky I take unpremeditated steps
Each step goes deep into the ground leaving the imprint
Which soon disappears
My soft, long shadows follow me everywhere I go
But nothing will last forever.



Once I adopted the chair
It was hurt and sad standing alone,
Nobody wanted it anymore
Very silent from the beginning,
started to whisper what it witnessed before.


I seat on the old chair
Listen to its stories.
Transform myself to its glorious days in time when I wasn’t born.
I touch its fabric
Was it silk or leather?
Now is very hard to say
Did a tear of sorrow stain it before?
Whose feelings are still embedded in?
Were they lonely?
Were they wise?
Did they discover the purpose of life?



How many times I walked by this door and didn’t wander
what was holding behind?
Have I all my life walked by it without sizing the opportunity?
Have I walked with my eyes closed following only one direction?
Maybe my dreams and imagination created a tunnel of light
And put blanket of invisibility on fields along my way.