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(posted on 6 Apr 2020)


Never expect to have such a difficult time to paint flat white on gessoed 48 x 48" canvas. Started with three different tints of white acrylic paint applying it as a stain, or rather very thin layer one colour after another. My plan was to have 4-5 layers, but I end up with probably 8 or more layers, and still I am not satisfied with the final effect. Usually, my work has active surface and, to achieve it, I use layers of oil, sometimes mixed with a bit a cold wax. But this time I didn't want to have active surface or any brush stokes visible. I am still straggling and planning to put more layers of tinted white paint.

Drawing with charcoal was another challenge. Hope, at the end, it will work, or at least will be close what I envisioned at the beginning. 

This image is cropped in PhotoShop for my experimental purpose. If I will not post my final acrylic and charcoal white painting, it would mean that it end up being something else instead.

(posted on 3 Apr 2020)



This little oil painting, with just the background painted with analogous colours of yellow-orange-red, was sitting in my studio for a long time. 
With the Coronavirus isolations I sketched the lonely figure with some indications of activities on the horizon. The figure, although it is in foreground, is almost transparent. I used just a touch of blue oil paint to make the figure more visible. The feeling of emptiness on the image is what I wanted to project.

Any comments are welcome. I am not sure if focus is on the figure or on the black "city" —  indication of "life", far, left on the horizon.

(posted on 7 Mar 2020)


It is good to be back in Flamingo Clay Studio in Lake Worth. 
Started to work on a Big Foot (probably size 10 or 11). After bisque firing will be painted and partially glazed.

If will look good, the next one will be twice as big as this one.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus interrupted my work. Couldn't go to the studio anymore. Now I am back in Toronto and my unfinished ceramic project — A Big Foot, is in the studio in Lake Worth, Florida. Hope to finish it next year, 2021.

(posted on 20 Sep 2018)


My little piece "Decisions" was sold during the opening festivities at the Alton Mill Arts Centre. 

(posted on 21 May 2018)


On the way to Haliburton for a week-long workshop with John Leonard "Advanced Individual Studies"

(posted on 10 Apr 2018)


We all come from different backgrounds and carry different psychological loads.
As human beings it is natural to want to fit in, but on the other hand we want to preserve our heritage, hold on to our privacy, culture and customs.

My four painting are close ups of different, but in a way similar faces. Similar — as we are all Canadians. Different — as each has an individual personality. Each one wears a symbolic eye mask to protect their emotions.

The masks have pieces of gold and copper to symbolize heritage, past and history. One large translucent mask lays on the top of the four paintings symbolizing unity.

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