Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist


(posted on 6 Apr 2020)


Never expect to have such a difficult time to paint flat white on gessoed 48 x 48" canvas. Started with three different tints of white acrylic paint applying it as a stain, or rather very thin layer one colour after another. My plan was to have 4-5 layers, but I end up with probably 8 or more layers, and still I am not satisfied with the final effect. Usually, my work has active surface and, to achieve it, I use layers of oil, sometimes mixed with a bit a cold wax. But this time I didn't want to have active surface or any brush stokes visible. I am still straggling and planning to put more layers of tinted white paint.

Drawing with charcoal was another challenge. Hope, at the end, it will work, or at least will be close what I envisioned at the beginning. 

This image is cropped in PhotoShop for my experimental purpose. If I will not post my final acrylic and charcoal white painting, it would mean that it end up being something else instead.