Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist


(posted on 4 Oct 2020)

COVID19 still effect my work. I have a difficult time to concentrate and create new paintings.  Instead, I am taking my previous work and start to incorporate some changes. Tthese two paintings below, are perfect examples of my "work in progress" process, which not always turn out to be successful.

One, The Way, I decided to repaint one side darker. this is my first attempt and will have to add more of an active surface to the left side. It is already different than original, and I hope my final touches will make it better.

The other one, for now called a Blue Lady because it was the colour I started to paint the nude with. Now it is different, but I am not sure what will be my final layer of paint. I want to achieve a feeling of some kind of meditation, as she sits on the edge of a gorge and looks into its vast, deep, emptiness. On the other side of the gorge is another, different life, strong and maybe a bit disturbing. When I started, the best part of this lady was her head and her hair. Unfortunately I painted over it. Hope will be able to achieve the same effect as when I started to paint the figure.