Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist


(posted on 4 May 2020)


Because of COVID-19, Artist in Residence exhibit, {+- Simultaneousness-+}, at the Living Art Centre, Mississauga, was cancelled. This is my art prepared for this show. It is oil, cedar shingles and copper on 48" x 48" plywood. Artwork is 84" x 48". I titled it "The death of tree".

Tree is essential to life on the earth. In ancient cultures and many religions it was called a Tree of Life. It is symbol of growth and strength, with roots spread deep into soil and the branches stretched up high towards the sky.
My work shows a tree with one leaf which doesn't want to give up, still holding to dried up branch hopping to survive. Behind, an old chair remembering better time. Three colours of the surface ca be associated with three opposing forces trying to balance themselves; orange — heat and fire; black — pollution and distraction; white — clean water and clean air.

Use of cedar to create tree trunk with its branches was decided not only because of its special scent, but because I love wood. My father, 30 years ago, brought me from Poland wood carving tools which are still untouched. Hope to use them one day. 
When deleted parts above and below painting, I called it Tree of Life in opposite to The death of tree