Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist


(posted on 10 Sep 2020)


It happened in Geneva Park during a workshop with an artist, realistic painter. We received a photograph and were supposed to create a painting by copying the image. 

During this time, I was still afraid to put paint on flat, white surface. To overcome it, I used gesso to create texture and then stain may canvas. 

Probably I was the only one who choose this image, everyone else choose pretty pictures and copied them nicely and neatly. When people were passing by my station I could almost feel their strange looks. Then, one lady came to me and said: “do not pay any attention what other people might say about your painting. It is good, it is not just a copy, it is different and has a special mystery feeling to it”. She made me feel much better. I wish I would have known her to say tanks for her words of encouragements.