Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist


(posted on 15 Apr 2020)



COVID-19 made the space around us much smaller. Being at home is challenging. Although I have plans what to do, and what to paint, I am getting lazy and it is more difficult to create art.

I moved my work from the Living Art Centre to my home. In a way I am lucky that I could convert my room into painting studio. One of my early oil paintings got my attention and I decided to re-touch it. However, as it happened before many times, re-touching the painting turned into painting almost entire image. Again, I use layers of oil paint glazing, but I am not sure if it will turn into something better that was before. Have to wait and see what I will be able to do and my painting will look at the end.

On the pictures; my new studio at home, original oil painting and "work in progress"