Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist


(posted on 10 Jul 2020)

When door to my studio was closed because of COVID 19, I brought home some canvases to work on. Amoung them, two 3' x 4' paintings I wasn't very found off. Started to work on one of them, and, nothing happened. Somehow I couldn't make myself to work almost on anything conceptual.
Now, when we are officially on stage 2 of the pandemic openings, with a lot of restrictions upon us, Resident Artists, I was able to go to studio. It was long isolation and long time without painting. Now, in a couple of days I was able to incorporate changes and make my two paintings look "happy". At least this is my feeling when I think about the outcome. Maybe one is more "happy" that the other, but I like them both. For now. 

Below, on the left are originals and on the right are "in progress" paintings