Margaret Stawicki
Margaret Stawicki — Visual Artist


(posted on 30 Nov 2020)

Today my portrait of a woman, who struggled thru her life but overcome all difficulties and despite all challenges she “is still on the picture”, was not accepted into juried show. It is difficult to be not emotional about it. I am not the only one to feel down. Although I know cases when the same paining received a first price in one show and wasn’t accepted into the other. This knowledge should help, but it doesn’t in the moment. Tomorrow will be a new day, probably better. And I know that I am not the only one with similar feelings. To all artists rejected from the juried shows – let keep a good faith in the future.

"Sorrow of rejection knocked on my doors.
I don’t want to let it in.
With the closed doors I look into the future.
Music fills my heart.