My practice focuses on the emotions of man and the passing of time as a source of transformation on us, people. Although it is not my intention to produce art about one subject, most of my work discusses the notion of one’s journey — past, present and future.

Painting gives me a sense of freedom and provides opportunities to convey my feelings and my thoughts with a certain level of reality. I am exploring the relationship between connection and separation, between the individual self and our busy existence. We live in the world of constant change. Life is a circle that continues to rotate so that old will pass and new will come. In that circle, as individuals we are in a constant struggle for time, a constant search for something new and something better. Myself, I long for quiet and empty spaces. Most of my paintings illustrate these feelings, feelings of empty, meditated space and the journey of a person.

Since I have always been inspired by the concept of the journey of human beings — theme which I call Passage, illustrates the choices we make, and
the personal interpretations of our lives as we experience life and the
passing of time.

During the development process I have experimented with different paint applications and different sizes of canvas. To achieve depth in my paintings, I create a soft texture and pattern through many layers of oil & cold wax and/or acrylic. My early paintings focused on more than one subject, and in more recent paintings the path we take is the only subject on the active surface.

For me the symbol of the human has a powerful presence, it suggests the conscious and accidental decisions we make in our lives.

My paintings are not realistic; they rather engage the viewer in conversation.
I want viewers to escape into the painting and find a relationship between my symbolic image and their own journey.

Margaret Stawicki