In my ‘not very long’ life as a painter I have created a few series of paintings; mostly meditated, monochromatic with a minimal touch of color; along with some others when I just wanted to paint.

My mostly ‘GREY’ series (JourneyWalking away)
represents life as a circle that continues to rotate so that old will pass and new will come. And in that circle, we as humans are in a constant struggle for time, a constant search for something new and something better.

I paint feelings of empty, meditated space. My little ‘traveler’ appears on the paintings on his journey through the vast land, through life.  Perhaps he hopes to find a ‘Neverland’, or maybe he searches for a more challenging, more exciting, or simply a ‘different’ life.

During his journey he leaves an imprint on the earth, his good or bad deeds, his energy, memory, his shadow of being and his shadow of memories.

In another group of paintings “Chair” I associate the chair with life: past and present. The chair is a witness to everything what happens around it, quiet or disturbing, to people seated on it and to their emotions. My chairs are not modern, not new, rather edged, serving their purpose and being present throughout time.