Before devoting myself to my passion – painting, I spent more than 30 years in graphic design and co-founded Our Kids Media with my husband. It was not until 2009 when I gave up my career and attended studio painting classes at Neilson Creative Art Centre in Toronto that helped me discover the path along which my art is evolving today. Beginning my career by exploring the use of acrylics, I now paint almost exclusively with mixed media oil and cold wax, loving the emotion this combination allows me to create.


My paintings have been accepted into numerous art exhibitions and juried shows. In 2014 I won first place at Assembly Hall for her painting titled “Journey” and third place for “Which Way” at Artworks Oakville. In previous years, I have received honorable mentions for “Who and When” at Artworks Oakville and “Long Way Home” at Etobicoke Art Group.


Seeing my work as a journey, I enjoy displaying my paintings at solo exhibitions where viewers can experience the details of each piece together as a whole. My solo exhibitions include The Second Cup in Mississauga, Julias Restaurante in Oakville and the Heliconian Club in Toronto. My works have also been on display at Art Square Gallery, Toronto; Beaux-Arts Brampton; Holcim Gallery, Milton; Headwaters Arts, Caledon; The Latcham Gallery, Stouffville; Live Reastaurant at the Living Art Centre, Mississauga; Mississauga Loft Gallery; Neilson Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke and Art Gallery of Etobicoke Civic Centre.


I am a Resident Artist at the Living Art Centre, Mississauga and a member of Etobicoke Art Group, Headwaters Arts and Neilson Park Creative Centre and I continue to attend classes and workshops in Ontario and USA, but mostly closer to home, at Neilson Park Creative Centre, the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto and at the Fleming College–Haliburton School of The Arts.

Margaret Stawicki